Chuck Perrin of Tulsa: Partnership with SFC Partners I

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Business

Chuck Perrin of Tulsa has renamed his company, Rockford Energy Partners twice since its inception in 2002. Back then, the oil and gas firm was called simply Rockford Energy Partners, a few years later, it was rebranded Rockford Energy Partners II, and later it was renamed Rockford Energy Partners III. Rockford Energy Partners III secured a capital commitment from SFC Energy Partners I in 2008. SFC Energy Partners I is a Colorado-based investment firm focused on developing energy production in onshore North American oil and natural gas industries. SFC has over 100 years of combined experience that incorporates a wide range of investment, technical, business, and operational skills that have produced excellent returns for investors and a strong record of accomplishment.

Chuck Perrin Tulsa

Chuck Perrin of Tulsa : Passion for his Work

Chuck Perrin of Tulsa has had success with his businesses because of his commitment to success and his work ethic. He is a man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty; one who is with his employees in the field, doing what is necessary to close the big deal or figure out what the company could be doing better. He does everything in his power to inspire his team onward to the next great opportunity.

Chuck Perrin of Tulsa succeeds because of his great passion for his work. Yet he is careful to never let his passion and enthusiasm cloud his judgment, and lead him to make poor decisions. He is able to see things the way that they are because he has the ability to keep all things in their proper perspective. Part of this is based on his experience: he has learned from past mistakes and past successes.


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